Coffee shops in Greenville are numerous but some take some skill to find. Many, such as Biscuit Head or Tandem, draw customers to the door by sheer aroma of breakfast goodies. Other stores, such as Methodical Coffee or Coffee Underground, focus more on a spectacular cup of coffee.

Over the past month, I have sampled three stores to discover which coffee shop has the best cup of coffee.

*NOTE due to lack of time and the fact I am a near broke college student, I was not able to sample EVERY store. This is just an opinion on my favorite three! Please explore other Greenville spots and message me with your own reviews!

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The absolute truth…however, that breakfast might be the most important meal of the day // Photo Credit

Location #1 – Biscuit Head

Biscuit Head prides themselves on working with only premiere local vendors. They currently buy their coffee from a company called Bean Werks, located in Asheville (Biscuit Head has three locations, two of which are in Asheville).

Bean Werks utilizes a custom roasting technique (discussed in Coffee and Community post) and has created several signature blends. These locally roasted coffee beans have created quite a following and continually draw in new coffee explorers looking for something different!

And the brunching begins! Photo credit // Margaret Clifton

Walking past a Biscuit Head is pretty hard if you’re hungry; the smell of good food permeates the air. They offer a satisfying Southern breakfast (I personally recommend the Moon Fries as a side) and cozy atmosphere.  Biscuit Head also serves a stellar latte.

Instead of a traditional cup or mug, they serve their latte in a very peculiar, tall glass. However, the iconic latte foam bubbles are at the top and the smell of sweet coffee steams from the cup. Biscuit Head creates a more airy foam with a drizzled design and their latte flavor is not as strong as I typically enjoy. Also for those that don’t care for an overabundance of cream, this is a great option. It seems this slightly different flavor  appeals to many… and from the looks of orders on the packed tables, plenty of people love this brew!

Location #2 – Tandem

Tandem, like Biscuit Head, serves a spectacular breakfast and cup of coffee. Tandem offers a unique breakfast of crepes whereas Biscuit Head leans on the classic southern breakfast (biscuits, bacon and southern goodness).  Tandem also prides itself on their ability to make a fantastic latte. Their technique is so fascinating to watch as the workers are completely in sync.

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Slideshow Photo Credit // Margaret Clifton

The latte is served in Tandem’s iconic yellow mugs with a fantastic foam design on the top. The flavor, from the locally roasted beans of Counter Culture Coffee, appeals to a wide range of tastes. Although it is considered strong,  the foamy cream perfectly balances the flavor making an enjoyable sweet drink. Add vanilla for an extra punch!

Location #3 – Due South

Due South is not exactly in Greenville…but close! This coffee shop is located in Taylors, SC in an old mill warehouse with an abundance of character. This coffee shop not only has a unique location but a unique specialty. Due South roasts their own coffee beans IN SHOP for a signature flavor. Their tagline is “Tailored in Taylors”.

due south coffee shop - love lola
Due South’s cool location with an even cooler vibe // Photo Credit

I ordered a regular latte (no additional flavoring aka vanilla) and could really make the distinction! Their signature blend isn’t over powered with thick cream and so the flavor really comes through. I enjoyed it immensely and think that it is worth a visit for any coffee connoisseur. Even if you’re not that discriminating it’s a great place to relax, have a group meeting or do your homework… all in just a short drive.